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Code of Conduct


Following that development of market economies and introduction of principles of fair society is impossible without firm corporate relations, equal and fair competition, while guiding by priorities of the country and the Georgian society, we, founder partners of “New Georgian Capital” LLC based on principles of mutual respect, professional dignity and morals, standards of conduct of the participants of microfinance sector, social responsibility that provides protection of rights for the consumers, we take this Code of Conduct of “New Georgian Capital” LLC (hereinafter – the Company) and obligation to protect it:


Article 1

This Code of Conduct doesn’t represent the normative act and it is the set of regulatory norms of rules of conduct of the company managers and staff and it extends only to the staff of “New Georgian Capital” LLC.


Article 2

The goal of the Code of Conduct is the following:

  • to encourage aspiration of the staff of the company to high standards of ethical conduct;
  • to provide priority of interest of a consumer;
  • to facilitate to introduce ethical conduct to all levels, including among the partners, directors, management and staff;
  • to promote to introduce the best practice of responsible financing.

The Code of Conduct will be reviewed and renewed annually and it will be placed on the web site of the company.

Below given norms represent the whole complex of the best international principles.


Article 3

The basis of the Code of Conduct of the company is principal values of universally acknowledged ethics:

  • Good faith;
  • Fairness
  • Respect to professional dignity;
  • Care for the image of organization and client;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Independence;
  • Orderliness.


Article 4

The company is carrying on its activities transparently that means that all conditions and terms of the product and service that will be offered to the consumer will be explained fully. Namely, all staff of the company is obliged:

  • to introduce suggested service conditions to the user on the language understandable for him/her;
  • to give clear and comprehensive information to the user before granting the loan so that the client to be able to take a proper decision;
  • to provide the information that includes the price of the product available for all consumers, conditions and terms.


Article 5

All employees of the company are obliged:

  • to be fair and polite to the consumer;
  • not to mislead the client, protect him/her from lies and unethical practice;
  • to provide the practice related to meet the loan to be fair and to protect the dignity of a client in consideration of his/her hard financial situation.


Article 6

All employees of the company are obliged to protect confidentiality of data of the consumer that means keeping of the private information of the client as per the laws and regulations. Namely:

  • to keep the private information of the consumer, to give and swap right information with only authorized persons;
  • to provide confidentiality of data of the consumer as per the laws and regulations;
  • to provide usage of data for the purposes for which it got searched or for the purposes allowed by the law.


Article 7

All employees of the company are obliged:

1. to keep this Code and guide by general ethical principles;

2. to keep the company name and business reputation in any case;

3. to facilitate development of business-policy of the company and searching for new partners;

4. to take care of professional reputation of the company, to be polite towards them;

5. to come to working place in time;

6. to take care of the name and reputation of the clients;

7. to fulfill the duties fully, properly and timely imposed upon him/her;

8. to keep his/her own professional dignity;

9. to keep the dressing style;

10. to keep the professional and commercial secrets of the company;

11. not to reveal the personal data of staff of the company;

12. to care for getting fair and profitable place in business environment of the company;

13. to care for inventory of the company and other office attributes, including the facilities transmitted into his/her ownership.


Article 8

All employees of the company are obliged:

1. to get introduced to the client (name and his/her position). To be patient while contacting with him/her, to listen to the actual or legal circumstances carefully and not to make prompt estimation in advance;

2. while contacting with the clients, in case of necessity to provide them with only office details of the company (branches, service-centers, etc.) and its staff;

3. to get in touch with the client diligently, reasonably and operatively;

4. not to make a promise due to subjective requests of the client, also demands or any other kind of statements (including some kind of entreaties) until he/she gets aware of the essence of the matter and gets the instructions of the company manager;

5. upon starting relations with the clients to make explanations for him/her in connection with the provided information and in case of necessity regarding confidentiality of the fact of addressing to him/her by the client;

6. to be correct while contacting with the client;

7.  not to cheat the client and not to give false promises regarding solving of business positively.


Article 9

The company is obliged:

1. to create normal conditions for the employee, to equip the working place with proper inventory and attributes;

2. to provide the employees with training and teachings;

3. to be ethical and fair in relations with the employees;

4. to facilitate professional development of the employees;

5. to take care to formulate united and right policy towards the employees.

The Code serves to the policy of right, ethical and professional financial organization.