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Individual Approach Maximum Comfort

Ethical Principles

Ethical principles of “New Georgian Capital” LLC is the following:

Honesty and good faith – We strive for maintain high professional standards and the principle of impartiality.

Professionalism – We are distinguished by detailed and complex analysis and scrupulous protection of legislation.

Orientation for the client – We take into consideration of each client’s opinion in order the service process to be fit to their individual requests at most.

Competence – The concrete project will be served by specialists with high skill and rich experience. Objectivity – Critical attitude to the facts and objective analysis stipulates our reputation as a reliable and objective partner.

Confidentiality – We steadily keep confidentiality of information of clients.

Social Responsibility – We understand our role and influence on business and social environment well and while acting we envisage our responsibility to the society. Accordingly we try to improve,

expand and develop our knowledge and experience permanently.

Respect to person – We appreciate not only knowledge and experience of the company staff but we also respect their personal qualities.