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1) Who can get the loan in “New Georgian Capital”?

  • The person getting the loan should be not less than eighteen years old, he/she must have proper income and use the loan amount for any activity allowed by the law.

2) What type of loan can be taken in “New Georgian Capital”?

  • At this stage “New Georgian Capital” is granting mortgage loans or the loans with the guarantee of real estate. For providing the loan the following kind of property existing in private ownership would be acceptable: residential area, non-residential area and/or land plot.

3) By what kind of conditions will you grant the loans?

  • The volume of the loan is defined with the amount up to 15,000 USD;
  • The maximum term of making use of loan is 60 months;
  • The interest rate amounts 203% per month;
  • Upon granting the loan the commission is not envisaged;
  • As per the schedule of covering of loan the capital amount will be covered monthly and accrued interests in equal parts (so called the falling schedule);
  • It is possible to cover the loan with 6 months grace period (or by payment of only accrued interests in this period).